Hedgehogs are insectivores and their preferred diet includes beetles, slugs, caterpillars and earthworms. Our Hedgehog Food is an excellent substitute should supplies of these insects be insufficient. They can also be tempted by saucers of meat-based cat or dog food, but at all times of the year, particularly during the summer, it is important to ensure a bowl of clean water is available.
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  1. Hedgehog Basket - Square
  2. Hedgehog Basket Grand
  3. Hedgehog Basket - Deluxe
  4. Hedgehog Starter Set
  5. Hedgehog Bowl
  6. Hedgehog Feast

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  7. Organic Pate for Hedgehogs

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  8. Hedgehog Feeding House
  9. Eco-plate Hedgehog House
  10. Roy Kirkham Hedgehog Mug