Although bats are frequently seen in gardens, many species are in decline due in part to a loss of habitat. You can help bats by providing additional roosting spaces in the form of bat boxes. We have a wide range, including build in boxes so you can discreetly include a bat box in your development. Whatever size bat box the ideal location is fairly high with a clear flight path in and at least some direct sunlight during the day.
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  1. Bat Keychain
  2. Almaurol Bat Box
  3. Chaumont Bat Box
  4. plywood bat box
  5. Igor Bat Box Building Kit
  6. Chillon WoodStone® Bat Box
  7. Coucy Wooden Bat Box - Black
  8. Beaumaris WoodStone Bat Box Midi
  9. Beaumaris WoodStone Bat Box Maxi
  10. Chambord Wooden Bat Box
  11. Almodovar Wooden Bat Box - Black
  12. Causa Bat Box
  13. WoodStone® Lincolnshire Bat Block
  14. Batbox III D Detector
  15. Falkenstein Bat Box
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  16. Harlech WoodStone® Bat Box - Black
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