White Garlic Bulbs - 10 Pack

White Garlic Bulbs - 10 Pack
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Low-maintenance plants don't have to be boring. Allium Neapolitanum is such a plant. It is also called Bridal Outing, because it is sometimes used in a bridal bouquet. This beautiful ornamental onion is a spring bloomer, but funnily enough, it can be planted until the end of March. A strong plant that can withstand a somewhat drier, poorer soil. She has a distinctive striking flower with loosely formed umbels consisting of star-shaped white florets with a cute green heart in the middle. Although you wouldn't expect it, this member of the onion family has sweet-smelling flowers.

The flower bulbs are grown organically.

Height : 20-30 cm
Flowering period : April - May
Planting time : autumn (before the end of March at the latest)
Planting depth : 2 to 3 times the height of the bulb

Scientific Name
Allium ‘Neapolitanum’
Plant Colour
Flowering Months
Apr., May
Planting Months
Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec
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