Webcam highlights

Nest Box Watch 2022 is getting really exciting and it can be hard to keep track of all the major developments in each of our fascinating nest boxes... Which is why we are here to help. Simply find the species you are interested in below and watch their highlights!

Blackbird - Watch LIVE

May 18th- The second egg did more than just survive, it has hatched and we have a chick.

May 16th - Unfortunately, we have lost an egg. The great tit has definitely cracked one, we hope the second one is okay!

Blue Tit - Watch LIVE

May 20th - 2022 in review, our favourite year yet!

May 16th - They grow so fast!

May 9th - This is one of our favourite moments every year... when cute little eyes begin to appear.

May 1st - 7 eggs was exciting, 7 chicks is just amazing! Watch them hatching on the highlight below.

Bring the action into your own garden!

White-Tailed Eagle - Watch LIVE

May 22nd- The chicks are growing and misbehaving. A pair of clowns!

May 14th- The chicks have continued to grow, but could do with some toilet training...

May 6th - We cannot belive how quickly the chicks are growing this year.

April 28th - The White-Tailed Eagles have chicks! Watch them up close.

Peregrine Falcon - Watch LIVE

May 15th- The Peregrine Falcon chicks are growing!

May 3rd - The Peregrine Falcon eggs have finally hatched and we have chicks.

Kestrel - Watch LIVE

May 14th - The kestrel chicks are certainly messy!

May 7th - It took a while this year, but the Kestrel finally had eggs... and now they have hatched.

Barn Owl - Watch LIVE

May 15th- We are still patiently waiting for the barn owls to have a chick.

April 21st - Hooray! Our barn owls have laid an egg!