Verbena bonariensis - 4 Pack

Verbena bonariensis - 4 Pack
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Verbena bonariensis can be nicely interwoven with other perennials in the fronts of borders. This species is smaller that other varieties in height and spread so is therefore ideal for patio pots too. The clusters of purple flowers on short compact stems are a wonderful source of nectar for insects.

Independently certified by ‘On the way to PlanetProof’ this plant has been cultivated by sustainable methods which are better for nature, the environment, climate and animals.


Verbena bonariensis is the perfect plant to attract beautiful butterflies, the bright colours and fragrant aromas will draw these fluttery friends to your green space, not only will you be providing a delicious nectar-filled meal and somewhere to rest and bathe in the glorious sunshine.

Scientific Name
Verbena bonariensis
Plant Colour
Growing Conditions
Pot Sizes
Flowering Months
Jul., Aug., Sep.
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Your Bundle Contains:

  • Iron Hard ‘Lollipop’ 4 of Iron Hard ‘Lollipop’