Top 5 Tips To Care For Garden Wildlife

Apollo bird feeders

1 - The Apollo Feeder Range

This is our most popular range of bird feeders. They are easy to use thanks to their click & go system, simple to clean and ultimately, the birds flock to them. These feeders can be hung from a branch or you can buy a feeding pole to hang them from. Just choose how many ports you want on your feeder and fill with straight bird seed or a bird seed mix! We recommend using Hi-energy No Mess seed mix, which is de-husked to be clean. It has been our most popular bird food for 30 years.

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Peanut butter jars

2 - Quality and Variety

You can feed the birds in your garden all year round, as long as you are aware of the demands of each season and provide a reliable source of high-quality food. In Winter, it is really important to provide a good supply of fat as the birds need this in the colder weather, whereas in summer our insect protein pellets, or mealworms offer the protein birds require. Seed mixes like Hi-energy No Mess are great in every season. Unlike many companies, all of our bird seed comes from Europe and we also make our fat and suet here, using recipes designed to give the birds all of the nutrients they need. Quality is everything when it comes to bird feeding, and we pride ourselves on being the best.

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Nest box for birds

3 - There's no place like home!

Due to human impact, a lot of natural nesting sites have been lost. This is why putting a nest box up is one of the best things you can to help our bird populations. Our WoodStone range comes with a 10 year guarantee and is much more insulating and sustainable than standard nest boxes. We recommend putting nest boxes up towards the end of October to help our birds in Winter. This will then help them get used to it before nesting season which begins around February every year.

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Plants for wildlife

4 - Plant for Wildlife

Plants can be a big help to birds and wildlife providing a natural food source, and also a safe place for nesting, roosting and hibernation. It is also essential to look after our whole ecosystems, and our pollinators are at the very centre of these. We offer a variety of premium-quality plants that have been grown in world-leading Dutch growing fields so that you know you are getting the finest quality plants. Once ordered, they are boxed with real care and delivered to your door.

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Hedgehogs, bats and squirrels

5 - More for Mammals

Birds are not the only creatures that need a helping hand. Hedgehogs, squirrels, bats, insects and amphibians are also struggling due to the lack of food and suitable habitat. We are committed to the conservation of all garden wildlife and we supply a wide range of products to help you attract, identify, care for and learn about all your garden visitors.

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