Small Challenger Peanut Bird Feeder

Small Challenger Peanut Bird Feeder
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Feed peanuts safely to your garden birds all year-round with the this Small Plastic Peanut Feeder. Peanuts are a traditional food and are popular with a wide variety of bird species. Plastic feeders share many of the same features as the metal range, the only difference being that plastic is used for the caps, bases, and ports.

We recommend that plastic feeders are used in gardens without squirrels. Keeping bird feeders clean is important, and so the feeder can be easily dismantled for cleaning.

The feeder also has a screw thread in the base making it compatible with many of our feeder accessories including feeder trays, which are great for collecting any waste material from the feeder as well as acting as an additional feeding and perching area for your garden birds. The feeder is suitable for feeding peanuts, look out for the Premium Peanuts bag sizes available on our website. All our peanuts are high in essential proteins and oils and are perfect for a range of garden bird species.

It is important to use a specified peanut feeder with whole nuts as small birds can chock on large pieces, but we also offer Premium Kibbled Peanuts for smaller birds and fledglings. Our feeders are designed and tested by our own team of ornithologists, which helps to make sure our feeders meet the needs of the birds, as well as the needs of our customers. 

Please note: Feeder heights shown include fully extended handle.