Shropshire Swift Nest Box

Shropshire Swift Nest Box

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Swift populations are reported to have significantly declined in the last decade and much of this is attributed to the loss of natural breeding sites. Swifts travel thousands of miles to return year after year to one nesting site. However the trend to redevelop old buildings and regulations regarding insulating our homes means many of these natural sites are no longer available.


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Designed with a narrow entrance hole in the base, this nest box is perfect for Swifts but will not appeal to nesting House Sparrows or Starlings who have a reputation of taking a liking to the more traditional style swift box. This means that the chances of occupation by Swifts increases which in the long-term could be a vital factor in the survival of this at-risk species.

Site the box as high as possible, ideally close to the eaves of a building with a clear 'flight-path' as Swifts need to be able to freefall as they leave the nest.

Diameter 3cm
Width 43cm
Height 17.5cm
Length 26.5cm
Material Wood
Suitable Bird Type Swift

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