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Share the Love


As a thank you to all the incredible work our nature partners are doing, 365 days of the year, we wanted to bring a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘Season Of Giving’.

We will be shining a spotlight on Ireland’s fantastic nature partners and what they do, whilst offering you the chance to nominate one of our partners to receive a donation from CJ Wildlife.

Simply enter a code at check out and we will donate to your chosen partner*, 10% of the price of each wildlife and bird feeder purchased*.

Not only do we want to give back to nature this Christmas, we also want to share our partners stories, hopes for the future of wildlife and actions we can all take to help out too. We'll be bringing you insightful anecdotes and words of wisdom from the experts across Ireland, who are all working hard to aid welfare and prevent the extinction of species.

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Wildlife Hospital Ireland


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Wildlife Rehabilitation Ireland

  • Tell us about yourself...
    Wildlife Rehabilitation was set up in 2010 to promote wildlife rehabilitation, encourage standardisation of care, provide education and continuing professional development opportunities, and ultimately, build an Irish Wildlife Rehabilitation & Teaching Hospital.
  • What are your hopes for wildlife next year?
    Our aim for next year is to build a permanent Wildlife Hospital. Having created a temporary centre in Co. Meath which saw over 2,500 wild patients, WRI demonstrated the need for such a place in Ireland.
  • What key conservation projects will you be working on in 2022?
    Our major project for 2022 will be the building of the Wildlife Rehabilitation & Teaching Hospital. Birds make up the majority of our patients so we will be focusing on different areas for each stage of their rehabilitation. We hope to have isolation units in order to contain such diseases as Avian Flu, an Intensive Care Unit, indoor aviaries and large outdoor flight aviaries. We have developed very positive relationships with a number of private estate owners and plan to use their space to house some of these larger enclosures. We will of course, be admitting mammals and opening an education centre.
  • What can people do more of in order to help wildlife thrive?
    We had an enormous amount of baby birds and fledglings come into us this year, most of which were not sick or injured. We would appeal to people not to pick up baby birds during spring and summer. Fledglings might look like they are injured, but it is normal that they cannot fly at this stage of their development. They need to spend time on the ground exercising their flight muscles and will be ready to fly within days. If in doubt, always seek expert advice.

To support the incredible work of OUR WILDLIFE CHARITY PARTNER, enter the code WRIRELAND at checkout to donate 10%* of your purchase. Not only will you be helping wildlife in your own back garden, you’ll also be supporting wildlife all over Ireland– that’s pretty amazing.

* T&C’s apply. Offer valid from Monday 20th December – Monday 31st January only. Offer valid on our wildlife and bird feeder range only. Only partners of CJ Wildlife are eligible for donations. Offer redeemable on full price items only.