Salvia ‘Hot Lips’ - 8 Pack

Salvia ‘Hot Lips’ - 8 Pack
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Depending on the temperature, this plant can flower red with white, so every day is a surprise. 

Wild bees and other pollinators are in decline. This plant is recommended specifically by the RHS as part of the RHS plants for pollinators scheme. This scheme helps gardeners to easily identify plants that encourage bees and pollinators back into the garden.

The Salvia flowers red first then quickly turns white. On warm nights the white colour almost disappears, but when the temperature drops a little, the white colour returns. Every day is a surprising spectacle to see what colour flower appear.

The Salvia 'Hot Lips' can easily be combined with other perennials. It prefers a sunny spot away from the east wind and when planted in a well-drained, fertile and moist soil you can be sure to enjoy its beautiful colours throughout the season. Remove faded flowers to maintain a healthy plant and keep the colour splendour longer.

Scientific Name
Salvia ‘Hot lips’
Plant Colour
Growing Conditions
Grows to
70 - 100 cm
Pot Sizes
Flowering Months
Jun., Jul., Aug., Sep., Oct.
Planting Months
May, Jun
Suitable Wildlife
Pack Size

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  • Salvia ‘Hot Lips’ 8 of Salvia ‘Hot Lips’