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Robin Blend Bird Seed Mix

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Robin Blend Bird Seed Mix (1kg)
Robin Blend Bird Seed Mix (2.5kg)
Robin Blend Bird Seed Mix (5kg)
Robin Blend Bird Seed Mix (10kg)
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Adored by Robins, this mix is packed full of oil-rich Sunflower Hearts to give them energy, but also contains dried insects and soft fruits. Robins and other ground feeding birds, such as blackbirds and wrens, naturally forage for insects and fruits so this is the perfect mix to attract them to your feeders.

We recommend you feed this mix from a bird table, feeding house or on the ground.

Calories (per 100g)
Sunflower Hearts, Rolled Naked Oats, Kibbled Sunflower Hearts, Kibbled Peanuts, Dried Grapes and Dried Mealworms
Suitable Feeding Methods
Feeder Houses, Bird Tables, Ground Feeding
No Mess
Pet Warning

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