Premium Peanuts & Feeder Pack

Premium Peanuts & Feeder Pack

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With this pack when you buy 10kg of our Premium Whole Peanuts you get one of our popular silver Challenger Peanut Feeders for just £1!

Peanuts are a traditional bird food and, being high in essential oil, popular with a wide variety of species. They can vary greatly in size and quality which is why we ensure our peanuts are of the highest quality available on the market.

Calories for peanuts 560 per 100g.


Capacity 620g
Diameter 6cm
Height 46.5cm

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CJ 's Premium Whole Peanuts are purchased from human food stocks to ensure that there are nil detectable signs of aflatoxin, (produced by a mould that can develop on peanuts grown, harvested, transported or stored in excessively hot and humid conditions). Even in very small quantities aflatoxin can be extremely harmful, so we take every care to ensure that the peanuts in this range are of the highest quality available.

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