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Dura Green Vancouver 32mm Nest box

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Dura Wood
Dura Green Vancouver 32mm Nest box
SKU: 93564
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The Vancouver Nest Box is beautifully finished with rounded corners. It is made from thermally modified wood which is a created via a heat treatment ensures that coniferous wood has a longer lifespan - to approximately 20 years. Moreover, no chemical substances are used in this heat process ensuring it is a responsible form of sustainability.

The Dura-Green Wood label shows this product has been made with thermally modified wood in a treatment without chemical substances to ensure its durability.

With a 32mm opening, this nest box is particularly suitable for House Sparrows, Spotted Flycatchers, Tree Sparrows and Redstarts.

The Vancouver nest box can be opened for cleaning after the breeding season. We recommend doing this in October when you can be sure the last of the birds have departed. Cleaning will encourage birds to also reuse the nest box as a shelter during cold days in the winter.

In order to preserve the beautiful colour created in the treatment process, the Vancouver nest box is finished with a clear water-based varnish.

Benefits of the Vancouver nest box:

  • Is very durable due to thermal processing.
  • Stylish curved lines of the wood.
  • Equipped with an opening for cleaning.
  • Finished with a clear water-based varnish.
  • Certified with the Dura-Green Wood label.

This series is available in various products including a seed feeder and feeding table.

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FSC® Certified Wood
Dura Green Vancouver 32mm Nest box