New Products

Below are the latest additions to our range. We are continuously developing new items for our range to help you care for your garden wildlife. New products are added to the website on a regular basis throughout the year and featured on our regular email newsletters and through our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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  1. Magnolia Notepad by Janneke Brinkman
  2. Magnolia Fridge Magnet by Janneke Brinkman
  3. Magnolia A5 Notebook by Janneke Brinkman
  4. Magnolia Bamboo Tray by Janneke Brinkman
  5. Peanut Heart
    €3.99 As low as €3.49
  6. Butterfly and Bug Net
  7. Living Twig Stick Insect Kit
  8. Voucher for Replacement Stick Insect Eggs
  9. Holmestrand Feeding house
  10. Lenvik Nest Box
  11. Bee Hotel Pantelleria
  12. Bee Hotel Ustica
  13. Roy Kirkham ‘Winter Skies’ Mug
  14. Roy Kirkham ‘Robin and Holly’ Mug
  15. Roy Kirkham ‘Kissing Robins’ Mug
  16. Oregon Peanut Cake Feeder
  17. Bunbury Fat Ball and Peanut Butter Bar Feeder Silver
  18. Bunbury Fat Ball and Peanut Bar Feeder Green