Nyjer Seed Budget Bundle

Nyjer Seed Budget Bundle
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  • A specialist birdfeeding bundle to attract colourful birds.
  • "The goldfinches love it! 4 ports makes for great photo opportunities when all in use too!"
  • 98% of our customers would buy again!
This specialist bundle is a favourite of Goldfinches and Siskins.

Nyjer Seed, otherwise know as ‘niger seed’, is the perfect bird seed to attract Goldfinches and Siskins to your garden. Offering Nyjer Seed can help to attract these species to your garden if you have them in the area.

The seed is particularly fine - too fine for a standard seed feeder - and should be fed from one of our specialist Nyjer feeders designed with smaller gauge feeding ports than standard seed feeders to minimise the amount of food that is lost from the feeder.

These fine textured seeds for birds, rich in oil, is often regarded as a highly beneficial food for our feathered garden visitors, and is thought to have played a significant role in increasing population numbers of native bird species.

Designed to withstand the extremes of our weather, the seed tube is made from UV stabilised polycarbonate. The feeder can easily be dismantled for cleaning. 

The Pack contains our special plastic 4 port Nyjer Feeder, and a 1 kg bag of Nyjer seed.

Your Bundle Contains:

  • Challenger 4 port Nyjer Feeder 1 of Challenger 4 port Nyjer Feeder
  • Nyjer Seed (1kg) - Bird Food 1 of Nyjer Seed (1kg) - Bird Food