Our New Website

Welcome to our new website. As Europe's largest supplier of garden wildlife care products, we strive to deliver the best quality and service available, and this includes providing you with the best, most comprehensive and informative website we can to help you care for your garden wildlife.

Whilst it looks a lot different, please be assured that you can still find all the great products, service, offers and features that you are used to. We know change isn't always easy, so we have put together this summary for what has, and hasn't, changed with this new site.

Existing customers please note: for security purposes, we have not migrated existing accounts from the previous website and so all users will need to set up a new account. You will then be able to manage your address book, create lists of favourites and all new orders will be retained as part of your order history. If you would like information about your previous CJ Wildlife orders, please call us on (0)1 901 0154. Your 7 digit CJ customer account number has not changed.

If you do have any questions our customer service team are ready to take your calls and help you find your way around our new site, simply call us on (0)1 901 0154.

What improvements have been made:

•Fully mobile responsive site, making it easier for you to browse whilst on the move

•Use the Product Finder on our homepage to help you find the perfect products for your garden wildlife

•Product filters on each page help you find the product you're looking for quicker

•You can now create a favourites list to help you find the products you want again later

What hasn't changed:

•Our excellent quality, service and next day delivery - be assured that other than our new website and the new features outlined above, there have been no changes to our business or how we manage and process your orders and enquiries

•Our range of over 1600 high quality wildlife care products.

•All product codes remain the same, and you can find these using the search box at the top right of the page

We aim to continuously improve our products and services and would love to hear what you think of our new website; contact us here.