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WoodStone® Kingfisher Tunnel

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Our WoodStone® range of nest boxes have been designed and developed as part of our professional Vivara Pro range. Unlike a traditional wooden nest box, these boxes will not rot away or deteriorate. Every WoodStone® nest box from CJ Wildlife is guaranteed for 10 years.

The attractive Kingfisher is a welcome sight on our waterways. Their distinctive colours and characteristics make them a delight to watch. Constructed from a mix of concrete and wood fibres, WoodStone® nest boxes safeguard against attacks from predators including woodpeckers, cats and squirrels and offers a more consistent internal temperature.

The Kingfisher tunnel is best placed in a vertical bank beside a river or lake. The nest box entrance must be at least 1 metre above the maximum water level and should be completely buried so that only the nest entrance is visible.

The nest tunnel should slope down from the nest at an angle of 10 or 20 degrees for drainage. Before use put a layer of dry soil in the nest chamber and make a small nest cup to keep the eggs together. In the absence of suitable natural perches placing an artificial one in the water within a few metres of the nest will provide a place for the birds to fish and look out for predators.

It's always better to put two boxes near each other (at least 2 metres apart) so that the female can start a second nest in the empty box while the male continues to look after the original brood of young.

Where no suitable natural bank exists an artificial one can be created.

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