Specialist Nest Boxes

Whilst many of us are lucky enough to have and to recognise the Robins and tits in our gardens, there are many other species that need our help. We are at the forefront of research into "at-risk" species and by working with conservation partners throughout Europe our knowledge is increasing all the time. With this information we are better equipped to provide suitable nest boxes for an ever-growing number of species.
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  1. Starling Nest Box with Balcony
  2. Slide-Out Single House Martin Nes
  3. Slide-out Double House Martin Nest
  4.  WoodStone® House Martin Nest - Single (Left Entrance)
  5. House Martin Nest (Left Single)
  6. WoodStone® House Martin Nest - Double
  7. WoodStone® House Martin Nest - Single (Right Entrance)
  8. House Martin Nest (Double)
  9. House Martin Nest (Right Single)
  10. Malmo Woodpecker Nest Box
  11. WoodStone® Kingfisher Tunnel
  12. WoodStone® Build-in Swift Nest Box
  13. Swallow Nest Box
  14. Barn Owl Nest Box
  15. Little Owl Apex Nest Box
  16. Tawny Owl
  17. Long Duck Basket
  18. Round Duck Basket