Birch Log Nest Boxes

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  1. Askim Nest Box
  2. Trondheim 28mm Nest Box
  3. Bergen 32mm Nest Box
  4. Stavanger 32mm Nest Box
  5. Uppsala Wren Nest Box
  6. Stockholm 28mm Nest Box
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  7. Stockholm 32mm Nest Box
  8. Stockholm Open Nest Box
  9. Stockholm Oval Hole Nest Box
  10. Gothenburg Starling Nest Box
  11. Malmo Woodpecker Nest Box
  12. Fauske Nest Box
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Garden birds find it harder every year to find natural nesting sites, so adding artificial boxes to your garden will benefit those species who are struggling to find suitable sites to breed and find young. Our Birch Log Nest Boxes are made from a natural birch log, giving them a natural appearance. We think these boxes would look great in both a natural woodland setting or modern garden. As these boxes are a natural product, sizes may vary.