Nest Boxes

Our nest boxes meet both the requirements of the birds in terms of optimum dimensions and also come in a variety of styles and materials to appeal to your taste too. We have general nest boxes aimed at a range of similar-sized birds, plus many that are designed for a single species only. Our boxes are easy to put up, clean and can be used in most habitats. The hole size is the main way of determining the species you will attract.
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  1. Lenvik Nest Box
  2. Fairbanks 32mm Nest Box
  3. Anchorage 34mm Nest Box
  4. Stavanger 32mm Nest Box
  5. Bergen 32mm Nest Box
  6. Trondheim 28mm Nest Box
  7. Starling Nest Box with Balcony
  8. Bedford 32mm Oval Hole Nest Box
  9. Montreux Nest Box
  10. Slide-Out Single House Martin Nes
  11. Stockholm Oval Hole Nest Box
  12. Stockholm 34mm Nest Box
  13. Stockholm 32mm Nest Box
  14. Stockholm 28mm Nest Box
  15. Uppsala Wren Nest Box
    €6.99 €8.99
  16. Slide-out Double House Martin Nest
  17.  WoodStone® House Martin Nest - Single (Left Entrance)
  18. House Martin Nest (Left Single)