Nest Box Web Camera Kit

Nest Box Web Camera Kit
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  • Easy to assemble and use with the Camera.
  • Set up is simple and easy. With a quick set QR code.
  • Footage is HD colour quality. It also has a night vision feature using infrared LEDS that will not disturb the birds.

This state-of-the-art nest box is FSC-certified, meaning it meets the highest environmental and social standards, so you can rest assured of its sustainability. It comes equipped with a camera designed to work with a bespoke app. The app can be downloaded to a smartphone or tablet from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and it produces HD films during the day or even at night, with bird-friendly infrared LED’s providing an innovative night vision experience.

This nest box has WiFi connectivity and allows you to watch everything that happens inside the box in a live broadcast so you do not miss a moment of nature’s beauty.

The kit includes everything you need, with the box, the camera, a 10m cable and a micro-SD card all included in the price.


WiFi Connectivity
This was the first bird box camera on the market with built-in WiFi, so you can install the camera in a nest box without having to worry about running a network cable back to your house. Just make sure the camera is connected to power and is in an area with WiFi signal.

Watch on Your Smartphone & Tablet
Using the free app, you can easily watch live or recorded footage of the nesting birds using an iOS or Android device.

HD Video
Captures video in up to 1080p Full HD for high-quality images so that you can see every fabulous fluffy feather.

Simple Setup
Connects directly to your phone during setup so there is no need to connect it to a PC to get it all up and running.

Night Vision
Specially designed night vision invisible infrared LEDs allows the camera to see in dark nest boxes without disturbing the birds.

Tiny Size
The compact size of the camera allows you to mount it in bird boxes without taking away too much space from the bird family.

Wide-Angle Lens
The camera features a huge field-of-view so you will capture every wonderful moment.

True-To-Life Colour
When there is enough light for recording without night vision, the footage is recorded with bright and clear colours.

MicroSD Card Recording
The built-in memory card slot provides an easy way to record footage.

Add Extra Cameras Into App
You can add as many of our HD cameras to the app as you like. The only limitation is your network speed!

Stream online
You can live stream your next box, with services such as YouTube allowing you to share the action with everyone!

Nest Box Hole Size
FSC® Certified Wood