Mealworm Block and Feeder

Mealworm Block and Feeder
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Mealworms are an amazing source of protein for our feathered friends and are enjoyed by many!

This handy feeder fits a block of mealworms perfectly, simply slot the block in and hang it somewhere for your birds to enjoy.

Expect to see; robins, tits, wagtails and more.

The Sydney feeder is a simple but effective feeder for your garden birds.

The wire mesh allows them to perch on naturally and gain access to the delicious mealworms! 

Mealworms are a vital part of our garden birds diet, they contain protein and nutrients which help them to grow strong feathers and wing bones. This is especially important for younger birds or birds who are going through their annual moult.


This bundle offers a complete feeding set, simply slot the block into the feeder and hang it somewhere suitable, then sit back and watch the birds swoop in for a beakful!


*Colour may vary between red and black depending on stock

Your Bundle Contains:

  • Sydney Black Bird Feeder 1 of Sydney Black Bird Feeder
  • Dried Mealworm Square for Birds 90g 1 of Dried Mealworm Square for Birds 90g