Malmo Woodpecker Nest Box

Malmo Woodpecker Nest Box

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Woodpeckers will sometimes access a different nest box by enlarging the entrance hole to make it suitable. This specialist Woodpecker nest box offers them the opportunity to excavate their own entrance hole and create their own home. It should be sited at a height of 2-3 metres and to encourage them you can also line the box with a layer of forest soil or peat.

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The nest box is supplied with a small drilled hole to encourage the Woodpeckers to expand this as they would in the wild. The Woodpeckers will then enlarge the hole to a size that is suitable to them.

The hollowed out birch log blends in naturally with your garden environment. The box can be cleaned easily by simply unscrewing the roof.
Please note that because this is a natural product, dimensions may vary.

Colour Brown
Hole Size Specific
Width 27cm
Height 57cm
Length 23cm
Suitable Bird Type Great Spotted Woodpecker, Green Woodpecker

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