Sagina Subulata 'Irish Moss' - 8 x 9cm pots

Sagina Subulata 'Irish Moss' - 8 x 9cm pots
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The attractive, yellow-green leaves of this low growing, mat-forming pearlwort make it particularly suitable for use as a ground cover plant in rock gardens, patios or paths.  The flowers are tiny (4mm across) but look great against the background of the leaves.

Perennials are plants that live for more than 2 years, generally flowering annually and dying back during the winter. Our range has been specially selected to help you create colourful displays in your garden which will attract and benefit insects such as butterflies and bees. Choosing a variety of plants that flower at different times will help to ensure your garden looks beautiful and sustains the wildlife across the seasons.

Our plants may be delivered in an infant or dormant state but once exposed to sunlight, they will resume growing. We also recommend using a fertiliser or soil conditioner when repotting or relocating into the garden to help them establish quickly. 

Scientific Name
Sagina subulata
Plant Colour
Growing Conditions
Grows to
5 cm
Pot Sizes
Flowering Months
Jun., Jul., Aug.
Planting Months
Apr, May, Jun
Suitable Wildlife
Pack Size

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  • Irish Moss 8 of Irish Moss
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