Ice Plant - 8 Pack

Ice Plant - 8 Pack
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Succulent, green leaves, topped with large, bright pink flowers in the summer months.

This plant will look great planted in bold drifts towards the front of a sunny, well-drained border. Sedum plants are a popular source of nectar for butterflies and bees, and the flowerheads make attractive dried flowers.

This perennial dies back to below ground level each year in autumn, then fresh new growth appears again in spring.

Scientific Name
Sedum spectabile 'Brillant'
Plant Colour
Growing Conditions
Grows to
40 cm
Pot Sizes
Flowering Months
Aug., Sep.
Suitable Wildlife
Bee, Butterfly
Pack Size

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  • Ice Plant (Sedum spectabile 'Brillant') 8 of Ice Plant (Sedum spectabile 'Brillant')
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