House Sparrow

House Sparrows are social birds and tend to nest in close proximity to each other. Nest boxes with entrance holes of 32mm or 34mm should be placed against or in the eaves of a building. See our House Sparrow Terrace for real communal living.

House Sparrows are true seed eaters so any type of tube feeder will work wonders in your garden, but they will often search for food on the ground.  In spring, however, insects are an important addition. They will also enjoy fat-based products with seeds and insects around the garden, plus peanuts from a mesh feeder. Find out more about these birds in our House Sparrow Fact File.

Below and you will find a range of products that are perfectly suited to the House Sparrow. Ranging from food, feeders and habitats, choose your combination and make your garden a home from home for nature.

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  1. House sparrow pack
    €22.99 €28.99
  2. WoodStone® House Sparrow Nest Box
  3. Saba 32mm Nest Box
  4. Hi-Energy No Mess

    from €6.99

  5. Eco-Plate House Sparrow Multi Box - Set of 3
  6. Plywood House Sparrow Terrace
  7. Green Defender 4 port Bird Seed Feeder
  8. Green+ Table Seed Mix 2,5 kg
    €12.99 As low as €11.49
  9. Fat Balls - Original
    €2.49 As low as €1.99
  10. WoodStoneᄅ Bilbao 32mm Oval Hole Nest Box
  11. Husk-Free Seed Mix

    from €9.75

  12. malmedy nest box
  13. Juneau 34mm Nest Box
  14. Box of 50 fat balls with insects
  15. WoodStone Ground Feeder
  16. Gourmet Small Bird Mix

    from €11.99

  17. Fairbanks 32mm Nest Box
  18. Ground Feeding Table
    Out of stock
  19. Table Seed

    from €3.35

  20. Table Bird Seed Mix Plus

    from €8.75

  21. Medium Green Defender Peanut Bird Feeder
  22. Travis 32mm Nest Box
  23. Zurich 32mm Nest Box
  24. Levanne Recycled Ground Feeding Table
    Out of stock
  25. Anchorage 34mm Nest Box