House sparrow

House Sparrow

Passer domesticus

Often viewed as a mere small brown bird, a closer view reveals a handsome and colourful bird, with a swashbuckling, cheeky-chap character.

The male has a grey crown and nape, edges with chocolate-brown on the sides of the head, black bib and dirty white cheeks. The upper parts are a mixture of browns, buffs and greys, with white wing bars. The female is much duller, with tawny under parts edged with black and subtler shades of brown and grey.

Size: 14.5cm

Weight: 22-32g

Habitat: Urban, suburban and agricultural areas.

Nesting: Untidy, domed, grass with feather lining. In small colonies, beneath roof tile and in enclosed nest boxes (32mm hole).

Eggs: 3-6, greyish white, speckled brown and grey.

Food: Hi-Energy No Mess, Hi-Energy Ground Blend, Table Seed (cereal containing products), grain and insects.

Call: Twittering and a variety of cheep's and chirrup's.

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