Heron Webcam - Spring Roundup 2017

There are currently three chicks in the Heron nest and they are growing more and more each day, keep watching!

The Heron are long-legged freshwater and coastal birds and they are the largest birds that we most of us will ever see in our garden. Despite their size they are surprisingly light.

When nesting the Heron is a sociable bird and they usually choose to nest in long established heronries. The nest will be used by the same birds for many years. Eggs are laid anytime between December and June, typically 3-5 eggs, with the incubation period lasting 23-28 days.

We hope that you enjoyed watching our webcams, the feeds for which were kindly provided by the Beleef de Lente Project, courtesy of Vogelbescherming Nederland. You can watch all the videos on our YouTube channel..