Birds storm

Help birds to weather the storm!

Little things that will help birds a lot

Rain, rain go away...

The UK has faced many storms this year already, with high winds battering the country and an influx of rain and floods in many towns and cities. The weather, although a natural and fascinating part of our natural world, can be hazardous and pose a threat to not only man, but also our wildlife.

An often-forgotten part of the outside world during these storms is our birds and wildlife. Many birds and animals will seek shelter and have been used to these natural elements for generations, but this doesn’t mean it isn’t tough for them - check out this handy guide to help you lend nature a helping hand.

Feeders full of Hi-Energy food!

When natural food sources are scarce, birds will turn to the next best thing – your feeders! By providing a feeding station in your garden birds will recognise and remember your space as a trusted and reliable food source – providing those feeders are kept topped up!

The biggest birds can struggle to fly when the winds too high and small birds have even less chance to venture too far.  By ensuring there is accessible food for them to quickly get to between wind gusts and rain is important. Small, easy to nibble and hi-energy foods are best. Smaller bites allow the bird to take their supper to somewhere sheltered and safe, and providing a high calorie food like suet, peanut butter or our famous hi-energy no mess mix you can be sure the birds will get an energy packed food to help them through.

Our own Hi-Energy, No Mess bird food is perfect for a stormy supper:

bird feeder

No one likes a soggy supper!

During heavy rain, it’s inevitable our bird food will get wet, not only can this lead to mould which can cause sickness and disease in our birds, it can also upset their fragile tummies.

Ensure feeders are sheltered away under a roof or shed canopy, or under some hedgerow or below thick trees where birds can get their fix quick! Sheltered feeding is much better for our birds during the wetter months and fill your feeders little and often to prevent unnecessary food waste.

Provide shelter!

The storm may destroy natural nesting spots or other types of shelter that your birds use to hide from the wind and rain. Fortunately, our experts have designed a vast range of next boxes and shelters which can provide birds with the haven they vitally need. Be a hero and provide your birds your birds with a dry, safe home:

nest boxes

Keep Calm…

Nature is wonderful but most importantly, it is natural. Birds have been evolving long before we began to adore their beauty, and they are well adapted to cope with storms. They have a powerful grip thanks to their talons and will weather the storm just like us!

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Our wall feeders are perfect for a storm!

Wall feeders are a fantastic way to make sure the birds are fed in any conditions. It is intelligently designed to give the birds a clear view, be easy to refill and most importantly, it is less likely to be affected by the wind!

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