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Hedgehog Feast

SKU: G19033-19032
Hedgehog Feast
SKU: G19033-19032
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Hedgehog Feast 1kg
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Our Hedgehog Feast is a tasty and nutritiously balanced food for hedgehogs. The recipe is designed to reflect the latest research and analysis into the optimum diet for a hedgehog.

Hedgehogs live mainly in dense vegetation, in overgrown gardens and parks, as well as uncut hedgerows and ditches. If you are lucky enough to see a hedgehog in your garden you should find that you have repeat visits as they are known to use fixed routes.

Dusk and night time are peak times for hedgehogs and this is often when they go on the hunt for food. Each night a hedgehog will wander between 3 and 5km in search for food.

biscuits (felis sensitive), rolled oats, sunflower hearts, red maize, kibbled peanuts, vegetable oil and chicken powder

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