Handbook of the Birds of the World ; Volume 9 Cotingas to Pipits and Wagtails

Handbook of the Birds of the World ; Volume 9 Cotingas to Pipits and Wagtails

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Volume 9 of this landmark series deals with species from around the world and continues treatment of the passerines. It covers the following families: Cotingidae (Cotingas), Pipridae (Manakins), Tyrannidae (Tyrant-flycatchers), Acanthisittidae (New Zealand Wrens), Atrichornithidae (Scrub-birds), Menuridae (Lyrebirds), Alaudidae (Larks), Hirundinidae (Swallows), and Motacillidae (Pipits and Wagtails). This volume has a foreword on ornithological nomenclature.

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The Foreword is by Richard C. Banks, who traces the history and analyses the application of ornithological nomenclature.

This is the second volume of the Passeriformes, with 9 families which include the last of the suboscines (cotingas, manakins, tyrant-flycatchers), the first of the oscines (larks, swallows and martins, pipits and wagtails), and between them the three from Australasia (New Zealand wrens, scrub-birds, lyrebirds), which are considered in a sense transitional.

More than half of the volume is devoted to species of North America and the Neotropic, including the family of the tyrant-flycatchers, which with 429 species is the most numerous in the encyclopaedia. But the book will be of interest to ornithologists from around the world, as it ranges from localised, threatened species like Australia’s Noisy Scrub-bird and the Liben Lark of Ethiopia, to others more widely distributed, such as the Eurasian Skylark, and other well-known birds such as the cosmopolite Barn Swallow.

ISBN 9788487334696
Format Hardback
Language English
Author Josep del Hoyo, Andrew Elliott, David A Christie
Page Count 863
Published 2004
Illustrations Colour Photographs, Colour Plates, Maps

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