Green+ Black Sunflower Seeds 2.5kg - Bird Food

Green+ Black Sunflower Seeds 2.5kg - Bird Food
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Green+ black sunflower seeds are organic. This means that no artificial fertilizers or pesticides are used during cultivation. Organically grown products are pure and of the highest quality. With Green+ black sunflower seeds, birds get healthy calories.

Black sunflower seeds have a higher oil content compared to striped sunflower seeds. This gives birds more energy. The carefully selected sunflower seeds are easy for small birds to open. When you offer the Green+ black sunflower seeds, almost all birds will peel them themselves to eat the core.

Most birds eat only the core and they either peel their seeds at the feeding site or take the seed and put it elsewhere. When they do it at the feeding spot, the peels are left behind.

Size: 2.5kg Bag

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