Gift package for birds and insects

Gift package for birds and insects
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This gift package is ideal for nature lovers who want to enjoy both birds and insects. You attract insects and birds to your garden or balcony with these products.

The package contains fat pellets with a matching peanut silo. These are fat-rich bars with a high energy content, making them an excellent source of energy for birds in all seasons! In addition, you can give the birds to drink with the stylish hanging water bowl Selo. Organic flower seeds for bees and a bee hotel Ustica have been added for the insects. Place these together in your garden so that the bees can find the flowers and the insect house well… and enjoy! 

This package contains:

  • Hanging water bowl Selo
  • Bee hotel Ustica
  • Berlin green peanut silo
  • Suet pallets
  • Organic Buzzy flower seeds bees