Geranium Sanguineum - 4 Pack

Geranium Sanguineum - 4 Pack
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This low-flowering plant originates from the mountains and is very suitable for the rock garden as a 'joint filler' in a dry stone wall or between stones. Requires a moderately nutrient-rich, slightly moist soil and a slightly shaded position.

Due to its low height, this plant is best placed on the edge of the border and forms a beautiful flowery ground cover that attracts many insects. The cranesbill remains green during the winter months.

This plant is sustainably grown under 'PlanetProof' certification. In addition, it is supplied in pots and trays made of 100% recycled and recyclable plastic. In this way we contribute to the circular economy. Moreover, perennials are of great importance for the biodiversity in our living environment.

Latin name: Geranium sanguineum
Growing conditions: sun, partial shade
Flowering months: May - July
Height: 20 - 25 cm

Scientific Name
Geranium Sanguineum
Plant Colour
Growing Conditions
Partial Shade, Sunlight
Grows to
25 cm
Pot Sizes
Flowering Months
May, Jun., Jul.
Suitable Wildlife
Bee, Birds, Butterfly

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  • Geranium Sanguineum 4 of Geranium Sanguineum