Garden Bird Peanut Butter Starter Pack

Garden Bird Peanut Butter Starter Pack
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With this Peanut Butter Starter Kit you can easily hang up the healthy Peanut Butter jars. Order this package now and you will receive no less than 3 jars of Peanut Butter for garden birds in the flavors in addition to the metal holder; insects, original, mealworms. All this for a very attractive price.

Peanuts are naturally very high in calories and, when mixed in butter/fat, are a tasty, high energy treat for the birds in your garden. We do not add salt to our recipe, so that the nutritional value is optimal and safe for birds. A lot of salt has been added to peanut butter for human consumption, which is harmful to birds. The bird peanut butter is easy to feed, just remove the lid and place it in the included container.