Squirrel Defence Rating - Green

Feeder Tray Pack

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Metal feeders are tough, long-lasting and offer excellent protection from squirrel damage. Using the simple but highly effective perching rings, birds can feed in their natural feeding position - facing forward.

Each component has been ergonomically designed, providing excellent performance benefits and ease of use. The feeders also completely dismantle for cleaning.

Feeder tray's attached to your feeder can help keep your lawn or patio clear from dropped food and husks. They can also be used to provide alternative foods to attract a wide range of species.

This pack contains a Green Defender 4 port Seed Feeder (31040) a Standard Feeder Tray (94060) and a 1kg bag of Feeder Seed (15104).

Protection from Squirrels
Resilient to squirrel damage but still allows them to access the food