Fat Balls - Original

SKU: 10213
Fat Balls - Original
SKU: 10213
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Our Original Fat Balls contain a uniquely rich seed mix with whole and dehusked sunflowers, millet, corn and chopped peanuts. This is why they are a fond favourite of sparrows, Nuthatches and Greenfinch

Fat Balls are versatile, choose from one of our specially made feeders or chop up and feed from a bird table or the ground.

Our fat balls are not supplied in nets as these can be harmful to birds and other wildlife. If you do purchase fat balls in nets please remove from the netting and place them in a bespoke feeder.

Pack of 6. Each Fat Ball weight approx. 100g.

Calories (per 100g)
Ingredients: Wheat flour, suet, black sunflower seeds, maize flour, peanut flour, sunflower hearts, yellow millet and calcium carbonate.
Suitable Feeding Methods
Feeder Houses, Bird Tables, Ground Feeding
Pack Size