El Paso 34mm Nest Box

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There is a shortage of natural nesting sites, which is thought to be one of the major factors behind the decline of some of our once most-common birds. By putting up nest boxes, such as this, which replicates a bird's natural nesting preferences, you can encourage them to breed near your home.

Different species prefer different nest boxes and our range has been designed by our team of ornithologists to optimum dimensions for the species concerned. Look out for regular visitors to your garden and choose a box which best suits their needs. You can check this using our hole size guide.

This nest box made from wood has an attractive flamed surface and complimentary black roof. The wood of this series of nesting boxes has been thermally modified by heating in an oxygen depleted environment at more than 180⁰C. This causes a chemical change in the structure of the wood that increases its durability and, we think, is also very attractive to look at. The lack of oxygen means the wood has been gently carbonised, giving a unique look to each box. It also includes a metal plate to protect the nest from predators.

This 34mm hole nest box is suitable for a family of sparrows and is also suitable for tits and Flycatchers.

This nest box is part of the Texan Nest Box range.


Nest Box Hole Size
Flamed Wood, FSC® Certified Wood

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