Edessa Multi-Feeder

Edessa Multi-Feeder

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The Edessa Multi-Feeder is a metal feeder that is divided into two parts making it suitable for feeding seed mixes and peanuts simultaneously. 

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The seed feeder is a polypropylene hopper which allows the food to flow freely into the feeding tray.

The feeder allows you to feed peanuts and suet safely to your garden birds year-round. Peanuts are a traditional food and popular with a wide variety of species, they are high in essential protein and oil. Suet Pellets are popular with a wide range of species and are high in calories, making them ideal for all year-round feeding.

The perching ring allow birds to feed in their natural feeding position (facing forwards) and gives birds a clear view of the surrounding area to watch for predators.

Filling the Edessa Feeder is easy, simple remove the lid to refill and clean.

Colour Black
Capacity 1.4 Litres
Width 17cm
Height 28cm
Length 16cm
Material Powder-Coated Metal

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