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Eco-plate Hedgehog House

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Hedgehogs like to nest under sheds, hedges and brushwood, but this hedgehog house offers an excellent alternative.

Designed in collaboration with the Egelstichting (the Dutch Hedgehog protection society). This box is made of Eco-plate, a material similar in density to plywood but produced from recycled car seats. This environmentally friendly material is weather resistant and very durable. The entrance tunnel is hidden inside the house to make it more difficult for predators to reach hedgehogs inside the house. The lid can be removed for cleaning.

To make it habitable, part-fill the nest chamber with dried leaves. Place the box in a secluded corner and cover with soil or leaves to boost the chances of the box being used. Do not disturb the box while occupied.

Hedgehogs will also use the House for hibernation between November and mid-March.

House: 49 x 37 x 33cm

Roof: 58 x 45cm

Tunnel: Entrance hole - 10.5 x 10.5cm

Tunnel: Length – 24cm

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