Daffodil ‘Sundisc’ Bulbs - 10 Pack

Daffodil ‘Sundisc’ Bulbs - 10 Pack
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This cute little perfection of a daffodil brightens up your garden with its many flowers. Sometimes it looks like the flowers are looking at you with small beady eyes and sometimes they look like tiny frisbees or buttons. The yellow overlapping leaves emerge as butter yellow and turn a rich cream color when ripe. The petals surround a darker yellow flat center and are neatly arranged in tufts on dark green stalks. The leaves are the same color as the stems and almost resemble flat blades of grass. Each stem has 1 to 3 flowers. A charming late bloomer with a natural look.

The flower bulbs are grown organically.

Height : 15-20 cm
Flowering time: April/May
Planting time: autumn
Planting depth: 2 to 3 times the height of the bulb

Scientific Name
Narcissus Sun Disc
Flowering Months
Apr., May
Planting Months
Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec
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