Daffodil ‘Minnow’ Bulbs - 10 Pack

Daffodil ‘Minnow’ Bulbs - 10 Pack
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This charming little daffodil flowers profusely. The flowers are clustered in groups of 2 to 5 flowers per stem. The petals open pale yellow and fade to a beautiful cream color as they mature. The center of the flower is decorated with a lemon yellow chalice. Its leaves are dark green and strap-shaped. This pretty little daffodil likes a warm spot in the garden, a rock garden or a pot. Put a few together for an accent in the garden and feel free to pick a few flowers for an accent in the house.

The flower bulbs are grown organically.

Height : 20-30 cm
Flowering time: March/April
Planting time: autumn
Planting depth: 2 to 3 times the height of the bulb

Scientific Name
Narcissus Minnow
Flowering Months
Mar., Apr.
Planting Months
Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec
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