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Cristallo Recycled Seed Bird Feeder

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We have added one of our most popular seed feeder designs to our Vide range created in recycled plastic (HDPE). The Cristallo Recycled Seed Feeder not only looks great but ensures that plastic waste gets a second life.

The environmentally friendly material is frost-resistant, water repellent and UV Stabilised - so it will not discolour, offers protection against squirrel damage and will not rot. The Cristallo Feeder itself can also be recycled and is guaranteed for 5 years.

Position on a wall, tree or fence to attract seed eating species such as tits, sparrows and finches. The high-quality finish gives the impression of real wood so will look just the part in any garden plus contribute to a sustainable environment.

The roof is hinged so can be refilled without the need to remove the feeder from the wall. Simply tilt forward and fill the hopper with seeds or feeder seed mixes from our range.