Cork Big Bird & Squirrel Resistant Peanut Butter Feeder

SKU 35131
  • 30 years experience in biodiversity
  • Ireland's Leading Wildlife Care Specialists
  • Supporting Wildlife Partners across Ireland and Europe

The Cork Peanut Butter Feeder allows your smaller garden birds to feed on our nutritious, high energy Peanut Butter whilst keeping larger birds and squirrels from eating the food.

How does it work? The weighted feeder will tilt forward if a large bird or Squirrel sits on the perch, preventing them from feeding and leaving the food for your smaller, lighter garden visitors.

Our specially formulated Peanut Butter for Birds has been developed specifically for garden birds and is super high in calories! Our Twist & Feed jars are filled with energy-rich ingredients guaranteed to be popular with your little feathered guests. Both innovative foods are made exclusively on our farm in Shropshire.

Please note: Food is not included.


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