Conqueror 8 Port Bird Seed Feeder

Conqueror 8 Port Bird Seed Feeder
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This 8 port feeder is able to hold twice as much as the largest Plastic or Metal Feeder. Made from die-cast powder-coated zinc and strong polycarbonate tubing, The National Trust Conqueror 8 Port Seed Feeder is extremely durable and offers excellent resistance to squirrel damage.

We recommend filling with seed mixes such as hi-energy no mess or bird feeder seed mix or straight foods such as premium whole sunflower hearts. Look out for the new National Trust food bag sizes available on our website.

Due to the weights involved, we recommend mounting these feeders on a Garden Pole or hanging from a strong branch using a hanging chain.

Please note: Feeder heights shown include fully extended handle.

Protection from Squirrels
Resilient to squirrel damage but still allows them to access the food
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