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Sanjo Squirrel Feeder Building Kit

SKU 30313
  • 30 years experience in biodiversity
  • Ireland's Leading Wildlife Care Specialists
  • Supporting Wildlife Partners across Ireland and Europe

A practical project that will stimulate creativity and encourage an interest in the natural world. All parts are custom made and the nail holes are already drilled, so it just takes a hammer, a Phillips screwdriver and little time to assemble. Clear instructions make it easy for children to take the lead, with just a little adult supervision.

Once built the children can express their imagination and creativity by decorating the box with paint or markers, making each box unique and something for them to identify with over time.Place in a suitable location in the garden and wait to watch the acrobatic squirrels lift the lid to get the food out!

Material: Custom-cut wooden parts, fasteners and mounting bracket, design may vary

FSC® Certified Wood

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