Capi Recycled Square Ribbed Planter - 40 cm

Capi Recycled Square Ribbed Planter - 40 cm
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Capi Ribbed Ivory Planter 40 cm Capi Ribbed Ivory Planter 40 cm
Capi Coal Grey Ribbed Planter 40 cm Capi Coal Grey Ribbed Planter 40 cm
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  • Made from 100% recycled waste (from old fishing nets and corks) produce a high quality, lightweight and durable product.​
  • Made in a CO2 neutral factory
  • 10-year warranty

This sustainable flowerpot is made in Holland from recycled materials and with climate-neutral production methods, for which Capi Europe was awarded the CO2 Neutral Product and Company label in 2020.

All pots are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. exterior and are 100% recyclable. Despite the sturdy exterior, the pots are lightweight and weatherproof. 

The beautiful color is preserved by working with the highest quality dyes. So feel free to let your flower pot shine in the sun.​ The orange insulation layer ensures a constant temperature in the pot and it retains the water longer, so you don't have to water the plant as quickly.

During hot summers, the insulating effect ensures a pleasant temperature in the pot, but in winter the insulation layer protects against cold and even frost..​ Your flower pot for indoors and outdoors​. You can use this flower pot in the garden, on your terrace or balcony, but also in your interior as an accessory or design object.

Available in Ivory and Coal Grey.

Dimensions: L:40 x W:40 x H:40cm

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