Capi Recycled Planter

Capi Recycled Planter
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Capi Recycled Planter - 35cm Capi Recycled Planter - 35cm
Capi Recycled Planter - 43cm Capi Recycled Planter - 43cm
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  • Made from 100% recycled waste (from old fishing nets and corks) produce a high quality, lightweight and durable product.​
  • Made in a CO2 neutral factory
  • Lifetime guarantee

This recycled flower pot consists of recycled cork, old pots and waste from the sea. While we enjoy beautiful plants in these pots, we also clean up our soil a bit. Even the waste particles created during the production of these flower pots are used to make new pots.

This sustainable flowerpot is made in Holland from recycled materials and with climate-neutral production methods, for which Capi Europe was awarded the CO2 Neutral Product and Company label in 2020.

All pots are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. exterior and are 100% recyclable. Despite the sturdy exterior, the pots are lightweight and weatherproof. 

Its unique double-wall design provides extra protection against heat in the summer as well as freezing in the winter. So your plants have a longer lifespan!

Available in 35cm and 43cm sizes