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Buzzy® Organic Cucumber - Marketmore (BIO)

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Sow from mid April until mid May in frames, prick out once and transplant mid May. Or sow in May outdoors in rows. Avoid bruising the vines during growth, interruption in growth gives bitter fruits.

Growing your own vegetables, herbs, salad or flowers is a fun activity. With the huge range of Buzzy Organic seeds now available from CJ Wildlife, this is very simple to do and there is always something to suit your needs. Clear sowing instruction are included and Buzzy Seeds come with a growth guarantee.The Buzzy Organic seeds are Skal certified which guarantees the organic cultivation of the seeds. Experience the pleasure of gardening and taste the full flavor of home-grown vegetables with the Buzzy Organic seeds from CJ Wildlife.
Scientific Name
Cucumis sativus
Planting Months
Apr, May
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