Box of 50 Eco fat balls with insects

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Packaged with a quantity of 50, our Eco Fat Balls are net free making them safer for wildlife, and delivered in an environmentally friendly recyclable cardboard box.

Many garden birds love insects and at certain times of the year can even be dependent on them. Our Fat Balls with insects not only provide your garden birds with the necessary energy in the form of high-calorie fat but also high-quality protein from insects. This Fat Ball is an undisputed favourite food of tits and robins!

The unique composition ensures these Fat Balls remain soft enough in extreme cold, and can continue to be used in the summer, best placed in the shade. Due to the high fat content, they are also suitably water-repellant so remain a good staple on rainy days.

We have a large range of feeders and holders in which to safely offer Fat Balls, suitable for all gardens and budgets. Alternatively, you can also chop up and feed from a bird table or the ground – so all birds can enjoy them.

Each Fat Ball with insects weighs approximately 95 grams.

Composition: Wheat flour, suet (animal fat), black sunflower seeds, maize flour, peanut flour, calcium carbonate, dried mealworms, Gammarus


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