Blue Stripe Pest Repeller

Blue Stripe Pest Repeller

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This Dual Action Pest Repeller is an ultra-sonic device that helps to keep your home free from pests without the use of harmful toxins or chemicals.

The repeller is plugged into an electrical socket in the problem area and by using advanced ultrasonic technology and two ultrasonic speakers that emit ultrasonic waves, inaudible to people and pets, it will drive out rodents such as mice and rats, and crawling insects such as ants, beetles, cockroaches, as well as spiders.

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This product is environmentally friendly and harmless to humans and non-rodent pets. It will not cause any physical harm to your unwanted pest guests, but will create an environment which is hostile to them, and a place in which they would rather not stay.

The pest repeller is designed to cover areas up to 500 square meters; however the ultrasonic waves cannot pass through solid objects like walls, doors or furniture, or bend around corners. So it is recommended that the unit is placed in the area of the problem or if broader cover is required additional units may be required for each floor, attic, basement, corridors, etc, as necessary.

The circuit design ensures the unit self-adjusts to the correct power supply within the range of 110V~240V.

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